Karla Anderson, Administrative Assistant

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Karla Anderson

Karla Anderson has been part of the GEFS team since Oct 2021. Karla graduated from Hope College in 1999 with a psychology major. She used this degree to begin her career as a social worker serving adults with severe and persistent mental illness in the city of Grand Rapids. In 2008 when Karla’s second child was 2 she decided to stay home and focus on raising her children. She and her husband Jeremy have been blessed with 3 children.

Karla suffered a herniated disc in her lower back in 2016 causing permanent nerve damage and limited mobility. She found her way to GEFS in 2019 and began receiving massage therapy, attending REST class and learning myofascial release techniques. Karla has regained strength and mobility that she thought was lost forever thanks to the encouragement and guidance of the trainers here at GEFS. She loves meeting and talking with everyone who walks through the doors and making each visit a positive experience. 

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