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    What are you passionate about? What fuels your fire from within? What warms your heart when you are active in your life? If you don’t know, it’s time to explore and discover this passion from within and act on it. We are given passion for a reason. You are meant to share YOUR passion with others. The world needs your passion right now, not later. How do I find my passion? Reflect on your gifts and talents, and evaluate what warms your heart and fills your energy cup. This is the source of your passion. Take time to be still with these thoughts to create a plan of action to incorporate your passion into your lifestyle. Nothing motivates, inspires, or empowers you more ....

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    THRIVE This week’s word of the week is THRIVE. Our quote of the week is: “You were meant to THRIVE, not just survive.” Maybe I am writing this just for me, or maybe this will resonate with you as well. It seems like lately, all the meditations, devotions, and words/quotes of the week have exposed to me the same message: PAUSE. I find myself stuck in the whirlwind of busyness again and feel I am being prompted to Pause and Thrive, not just power through and only survive my life. My goal when this happens is to receive these prompts and integrate the message into my life. My intention has been to not just pause at the beginning of my day and reflect at the end of my day, ....

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  • balance

    Balance is defined as “to keep or put something in a steady position so that it doesn’t fall.” Balance exercise is a very important part of physical fitness, but is often overlooked. Along with balance, we should be training endurance, strength, and flexibility. All four areas should be part of our workout regimen. So, what are the benefits of balance training? Balance training can improve your body’s performance and flexibility, and increase joint stability, and core strength. It can improve your posture, reaction time, coordination, and gait speed. It also reduces your risk of falling. Our sensory receptors are a key component in balance. Receiving ....

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  • One Day or Day One?

    Have you ever needed to take action on something, only to reply to yourself, “One day I’ll begin”? In saying this to yourself, how long does it take you to start? When is the “One Day”? When is the perfect time? What holds us back from starting? Time? Money? Another excuse? I challenge you to think of today as being “Day One” of whatever you are going after. Starting is the hardest part. You woke up today. That’s a gift to make today “Day One”! It doesn’t have to be a giant step, but just a little action can start the ball rolling towards the goal you have been avoiding. BEGIN! Allow yourself to take that first step ....

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  • RISK or REGRET? by Raeanne

    Our word of the week this week is RISK. Our quote of the week is: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. This makes me think of Bronnie Ware, author and palliative nurse’s discovery of the #1 regret of the dying. “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” How often do we do what others want us to do? How often do we stay comfortable in our box? And by doing so, what are we missing out on? When we are children, we explore and take risks. I remember when my daughter Taylor was little. She wanted to ride The Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. She didn’t follow through ....

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    I hate stretching, but I know it’s good for me. It’s boring. It hurts. I just don’t have time after my workout to stretch. I’ve heard all the excuses. And I get it. Stretching isn’t everyone’s favorite aspect of fitness. But did you know stretching helps with: Improving posture Reducing stress and body aches Stimulating the release of pain-reducing endorphins Improving circulation Improving performance in physical activities Decreasing the risk of injuries Helping joints move through their full range of motion Increasing muscle blood flow So, what if you changed the way you approach stretching your body? ....

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  • Mental Fitness by Raeanne

    Mental Fitness I frequently get asked what makes our studio different from other gyms. My answer could be a long one, but our biggest differences are: that we train barefoot, from the ground up, and we train with a mental and emotional component, from the inside out. My goal has always been to help clients focus on WHO they see not WHAT they see in the mirror. The fitness industry tends to focus on the external, the way we look and forgets to take into consideration the internal of how we feel and think. We know exercise creates dopamine and endorphins which make us feel better and happy. But how do we take that to the next level? Here at GEFS we focus on how we feel and think first, ....

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  • Fitness Adherence

    Fitness Adherence It’s March, friends, and have you stayed on track with your fitness goals for 2024, has the track completely disintegrated, or are you jumping over the track to do something else instead? You may find yourself aligning with one of these or somewhere in between. Wherever you tend to land in your fitness adherence, here are some little tips to help you get back on track or stay motivated to continue the track you set out to follow: Connect with your “WHY”. The reason you are exercising in the first place. Better health, more energy, reduce pain, etc. Start slow and gradually add time as you feel stronger and accomplished. 10-15 minutes per day can ....

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  • Green and Growing by Raeanne

    One of my mentors would challenge me with the question, “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?”. I love this question. It helps me evaluate my mindset regarding any situation. It helps me move through old thought processes into new ones and switch my perception of how I see a situation. As children, we are mostly green and growing. So many of our life experiences as children are new and exciting. We are constantly stepping out of our routine, our box to try new things. With new experiences come new challenges which in turn help us to grow, learn, and expand our mindset. We usually keep trying until we master the challenge. As we age, our new experiences become ....

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  • Roses and Thorns

    As Valentine's Day approaches, we tend to think about roses. These beautiful flowers are often given as gifts to our loved ones, friends, and even strangers. However, as the famous song by Poison suggests, "Every Rose has its Thorn, just like every night has its dawn." While many people adore roses, others may be allergic to them. We all have different preferences. But one thing is certain, nothing in life is perfect, and with every like or love, there are bound to be some difficulties, challenges, or "thorns," so to speak. The same goes with fitness. There will be some exercises that we love, our roses. And some that we find difficult or challenging, our thorns. Our rose exercises come ....

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