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Join us at Get emPowered Fitness Studio for two incredible programs aimed at building a well-rounded foundation for your health and wellness. 

Our team is committed to serving women across Hudsonville with resources for all of life's challenges and the emPowerment Program is no different. Learn more or get started today!

The Are You Enough? Program

An 8-week custom crafted program to guide and support you as you find answers to and own questions of self-doubt.

Every two weeks we explore, with an empowering leader and a small group of soon-to-be friends, a common but crucial question as you discover what empowers you to confidence and to believe, from the inside out, that you are enough.


  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-love
  • Body image
  • Happiness

The Happiness Project

Feeling stuck? Sleepwalking through life? This 4 week program will assist you in waking up your mind and tapping into what a happy life will look like for you. Explore what's holding you back and empower yourself to live your happiest life!

...in order to "Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are."

The EmPowered girl! Program

A 6-week program designed for girls 9-14 years old to guide and encourage girls to foster

  • Healthy self-esteem
  • Proper hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Confidence
  • And a strong, healthy body

This program is designed to create habits that last a lifetime.

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