Fitness Programs Available In Hudsonville

Group Fitness

From strength training to total-body toning, our Group Fitness Classes in Hudsonville truly have something for everyone. Join us today and take on our high-energy workouts and an ever-changing schedule!

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Personal Training

Rely on our professional staff and a completely customized fitness plan to help you see real results today! Our Personal Training in Hudsonville is perfect for men and women of all abilities. Learn more today!

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Massage Therapy

Restore your body and bounce back in no time with our Massage Therapy in Hudsonville. Our professional staff can help you reduce pain and improve your mobility in no time. Learn more or get started today!

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Build a foundation of self-awareness and pride in our emPowerment Program today. We're helping women of all ages and backgrounds take control of their lives and face every challenge with confidence.

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Videos on Demand

Our Fitness Videos on Demand program gives you the unique opportunity to get tailored workouts at the intensity level you want, all while you're on the move! Get emPowered Fitness Studio can help you live a happier, healthier life, no matter where that life takes you. Whether you're a frequent traveler or you're living abroad, we can help you train.

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