What emPowers YOU?

What emPowers YOU?

What emPowers YOU?

As the season changes into Autumn, you may be faced with changes in your life. As you witness the leaves falling from the trees, the days getting shorter and a more detailed daily regimen, you may experience anxiety in returning to school, starting a new job or possibly a new exercise regimen.

With this you may notice changes in your emotions, thoughts and body. Your brain may begin to feel overwhelmed, your muscles may begin to tighten, your stomach may churn or your heartbeat may quicken. With this you recognize your thoughts and emotions truly affect your physical being.

Echart Tolle states, "Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them." With awareness, you have the choice to change and transform your thoughts and emotions by identifying them, naming them, owning them and ultimately working through them. Take a moment today to identify and name a fear, doubt or worry you are currently facing.

Where do you find the empowerment to move through these? Deep within you, within your center of being, resides all you need to overcome any fear, doubt, worry or trepidation. You have light within, deep within your center, where your gifts, talents and special characteristics stem. Now is the time to look into your light and empower yourself with positive self-talk as your personal cheerleader. We call this empowerment "me power". It's what makes you authentically you.

You've worked through hard things before, physically and emotionally. You can again. You are courageous and strong with tools to overcome whatever fear or worry you are currently facing. Embrace these tools of your past experiences and allow them to guide you through your present uncomfortable darkness.

You have a choice to feel paralyzed or grow to the freedom, light and the space to spread your wings and fly! Will you become your fears or the awareness behind them?

Your "me power" will empower you with courage, strength, and confidence which will enable you to SOAR!

Acknowledge the darkness, shine your light, empower your body and empower your soul!

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