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It’s October, the fall season of change. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing, and our schedules are changing. Are your goals changing? Are you looking to get back to working out? Creating a healthier body? Needing to integrate some mind-body workouts into your current workout routine? Connecting with a fun group of like-minded people? BUT you are saying to yourself: I haven’t worked out in years. I’m out of shape. I’m too old to start working out. I will be embarrassed. I will be the worst person in the room.

These are all statements we hear all the time. You can make as many excuses as you want, BUT it won’t get you any closer to your goal of a healthier, happier you. I know starting at a new fitness facility can be intimidating. We always say, “The hardest part is walking through the door.” Once you walk into our space, our welcoming team and community will help make you feel at ease and guide you through whatever class you have chosen to attend. Let me share with you some facts about Get emPowered Fitness Studio and where I think you should start.

We are a local, woman owned, unique business that strives to train, educate, and inspire our clients to live a healthy, balanced, and empowered life. We call our clients emPeeps (emPowered People). Our average aged emPeep is 55 years old; as young as 10 and as old as 85 participate in our group fitness classes. Our teaching technique is a progressive level teaching style. We start with the base of a movement and layer it so everyone in the room can work at their own level and intensity. We show multiple variations to accommodate every fitness level, injury or mobility restriction. Our focus is on functional movement so everything you train in our space transfers to your everyday life.

So where do YOU start? If you are hesitant to start an exercise program because you haven’t worked out in a long time, you are recovering from an injury or you want to start slow, or are in need of adding some mind-body training to your routine, I highly recommend our Stretch or Yoga classes. Don’t let the name Stretch fool you. It’s not a 60-minute class of just holding stretches; it’s so much more and every class is different. We pride ourselves in having a HUGE repertoire of movements, formats, and techniques to constantly introduce or challenge our emPeeps,.

Stretch is defined as “to straighten or extend one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length, typically so as to tighten one’s muscles or in order to reach something.” Our Stretch class can include body rolling (self-massage), traditional stretching, basic gentle yoga, tai chi, sports specific stretching, body isolations, relaxation, meditation and pilates. Benefits include elongated muscles, better range of motion, flushing of toxins, improved power in sports, faster recovery from other activities, improved body awareness and proprioception, stronger breathing and lung capacity, a calmer mind and body and best of all: a body less at risk of injury. Not every workout should be hard core, high intensity or push your body to its limits. Stretching is as important as cardio and strength training. Stretch class is a wonderful building block for proper body alignment and range of motion awareness for all the other classes we offer. It is a great place to learn our vocabulary and tap into our philosophy of fitness.

Stretching is the foundation of all movement and should be practiced at least 3x per week. We offer Stretch on Mondays at 10am, Tuesdays at 9am, Wednesdays at 7pm and Fridays at 10am. Stretch is the perfect place to start or add to any of your other workouts to complete your total body regimens.

Could Get emPowered or Stretch class be the change or supplement to your current practices you have been looking for? We welcome you to attend your first class for free followed by two consecutive weeks of unlimited classes in our Intro Offer of $45. We would be honored to help guide you toward your goal. Step out of your box, take a chance and make a healthy change FOR YOU today!

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