Green and Growing by Raeanne

Green and Growing by Raeanne

One of my mentors would challenge me with the question, “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?”. I love this question. It helps me evaluate my mindset regarding any situation. It helps me move through old thought processes into new ones and switch my perception of how I see a situation.

As children, we are mostly green and growing. So many of our life experiences as children are new and exciting. We are constantly stepping out of our routine, our box to try new things. With new experiences come new challenges which in turn help us to grow, learn, and expand our mindset. We usually keep trying until we master the challenge. As we age, our new experiences become less and less. We tend to shy away from stepping outside our box due to fear or negative past experiences and in turn our mindset becomes fixed and possibly ripe.

According to American psychologist, Carol Dweck, " A fixed mindset assumes that intelligence and skills are relatively set. People with a fixed mindset strongly believe that ‘you either have what it takes to succeed or don’t’. They view competence as an innate quality, something they’re born with and that can’t be developed further”. She describes a growth mindset as “the belief that your abilities can grow through hard work. People with a growth mindset believe that intelligence isn’t fixed — it can be developed through determination and practice. What’s more, people without a growth mindset can cultivate one by believing in themselves or when someone else believes in their ability to grow and improve their intellect." Most of us have both a fixed and growth mindset depending on the situation. What would it take to convert our brains to a growth mindset like a child?

We can’t go back in time, but we can first understand the process of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to adapt to changes in the environment and experiences. It involves creating new neurons and connections, as well as modifying or deleting existing ones. We used to believe the brain could not develop and grow creating new connections, but now we know better. In knowing this, we have choices to create new growth in our brains, or NOT. Opening our minds to new challenges and experiences makes us childlike and keeps us green and growing. A fixed mindset is: I am not coordinated. I can't do a dance fitness class. A growth mindset is: I don't feel coordinated, but I am going to attend dance fitness classes to improve my coordination.

Try a new fitness format that will challenge you. Try a new instructor for your favorite fitness format to challenge your mind and body in a new way. Try a Get emPowered educational workshop, like EmPowered Sole  (March 21, 7-8:15pm) to learn more knowledge about barefoot training. Try personal training sessions to improve your body awareness and intention of movement. The goal is to TRY! Try something NEW! Step out of your comfort zone. Attack something you think would really challenge you mentally and physically with that growth mindset to see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you have. You may not master it or be the best, but you are creating new neurons and connections in your brain. How Fabulous!

So, are you someone who enjoys challenges or new experiences? Or are you someone who prefers to stay right where you are: in your comfort zone? Are you aware of your mindset? Have you ever even thought about your mindset? Which mindset would you prefer to live in? Only YOU have the answers, friend. So, how would you answer my question: Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?

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