Mental Fitness by Raeanne

Mental Fitness by Raeanne

Mental Fitness

I frequently get asked what makes our studio different from other gyms. My answer could be a long one, but our biggest differences are: that we train barefoot, from the ground up, and we train with a mental and emotional component, from the inside out. My goal has always been to help clients focus on WHO they see not WHAT they see in the mirror. The fitness industry tends to focus on the external, the way we look and forgets to take into consideration the internal of how we feel and think. We know exercise creates dopamine and endorphins which make us feel better and happy. But how do we take that to the next level?  Here at GEFS we focus on how we feel and think first, then we recognize how we look on the outside changes. We believe if we can get our heads and hearts in the right space, our bodies will follow.

How do we incorporate mental and emotional fitness into our training? We teach empowerment! We have a word of the week that the entire team incorporates into their workouts to encourage thoughts and emotions during movement. For example, this week’s word is “IF”, with our quote of the week being, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”, Wayne Dyer. “If” is a small word with a lot of power. If you do this, then this will happen. These are the nuggets we share while moving to create thought and emotion along with physical results. You can find our words of the week on our Facebook page.

Our mindset is so important to our well-being. “Positive thoughts, positive world,” says Robert Holden. We do have the choice to change our perspective to a more positive outlook, so why don’t we? Get emPowered Fitness Studio can help you on your journey to a more positive outlook, mindset, and reflection in the mirror. Be happy with WHO you are, not just WHAT you look like! For more information on our upcoming empowerment coaching programs, CLICK HERE!

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