I hate stretching, but I know it’s good for me. It’s boring. It hurts. I just don’t have time after my workout to stretch. I’ve heard all the excuses. And I get it. Stretching isn’t everyone’s favorite aspect of fitness.


 But did you know stretching helps with:

  • Improving posture
  • Reducing stress and body aches
  • Stimulating the release of pain-reducing endorphins
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving performance in physical activities
  • Decreasing the risk of injuries
  • Helping joints move through their full range of motion
  • Increasing muscle blood flow


So, what if you changed the way you approach stretching your body? Instead of holding every stretch, how about moving through the stretches with low-impact movements and incorporating some stability exercises? If this sounds more like YOUR kind of stretching, we offer a new class that does just that. We offer Active Recovery, which is a format of recovery used and promoted by professional athletes. That doesn’t mean you have to be a professional athlete to be able to do the class. We offer movements and exercises that work for all levels AND give you the benefits of stretching. Active Recovery is currently offered on Mondays 10-11am, Tuesdays 9-10am, Wednesdays 7-8pm and Fridays 10-11am. Sign up by clicking HERE

Don’t wait any longer, start gaining the benefits of stretching today with our Active Recovery Class!

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