Balance is defined as “to keep or put something in a steady position so that it doesn’t fall.” Balance exercise is a very important part of physical fitness, but is often overlooked. Along with balance, we should be training endurance, strength, and flexibility. All four areas should be part of our workout regimen.

So, what are the benefits of balance training? Balance training can improve your body’s performance and flexibility, and increase joint stability, and core strength. It can improve your posture, reaction time, coordination, and gait speed. It also reduces your risk of falling.

Our sensory receptors are a key component in balance. Receiving information from our feet to our brain to adjust to maintain balance is crucial. That’s why training barefoot is so important to keep our sensory receptors firing and working as they should. After age 40, our sensory receptors begin to die if not stimulated, so it is imperative to train them with intention. This is why we start to lose our balance as we age.

At Get emPowered Fitness Studio foot health and balance training plays a key role in all of our classes. We understand the importance of this training and integrate it into all of our training sessions. We also have a number of foot training to balance training workouts available in our Videos on Demand Library.

We are currently running a special on our Videos on Demand for summer. Our Summer Special is 3 months of unlimited access of over 40 workouts including foot fitness and balance training for only $49. Purchase can be made from May 1-May 31, 2024. Contact our studio to sign up. We need your email or text address in order to connect you with our VOD access link. Continue monthly for only $19 per month. We add workouts monthly to keep our library fresh and exciting. Reach out today to Get emPowered Fitness Studio

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