This week’s word of the week is THRIVE. Our quote of the week is: “You were meant to THRIVE, not just survive.” Maybe I am writing this just for me, or maybe this will resonate with you as well. It seems like lately, all the meditations, devotions, and words/quotes of the week have exposed to me the same message: PAUSE. I find myself stuck in the whirlwind of busyness again and feel I am being prompted to Pause and Thrive, not just power through and only survive my life.

My goal when this happens is to receive these prompts and integrate the message into my life. My intention has been to not just pause at the beginning of my day and reflect at the end of my day, but to take moments throughout my day to pause, reflect, and regroup. I am realizing by taking time throughout my day to pause, I have more energy, clarity of mind, and patience. I am Thriving and enjoying my days more rather than surviving with exhaustion and brain fog. I have found my preferred place of pause is the bathroom. No interruptions and since I drink a lot of water throughout my day, I am frequently in the bathroom 😊 A great place for me to breathe, reflect, pause, and just be even if it’s just a short time.

So, I invite you to follow my lead. Use the bathroom as a place to release, pause, reflect, and just be for a moment or two enabling you to move beyond survival and THRIVE in your own life.

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