Jennifer Hincka, Administrative Assistant Manager

Jennifer Hincka

Jennifer has been a part of the GEFS community for many years. She started coming to the studio to take classes with likeminded people to help keep her accountable with fitness in March 2019! This turned into a big love for the studio, a wonderful new group of friends and later, a job as an administrative assistant (Jan 2020) and onto Administrative Assistant Manager (2023). She has been in sales over the years and has a passion for all things people!

She finds her joy in the Lord, being around her family and friends, raising her young boys, Leo (10/28/2020) Shay (1/2/2022) and Wes (3/30/2023). Her hobbies include cleaning up after babies, being goofy with toddlers and a lot of loving on babies and toddlers!!! She also loves to date her sweet husband, Justin, shop and play volleyball when she can find the time away from babies and toddlers!

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