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  • Gift Wrapping

    Gift Wrapping

    We are entering the holiday season with shopping, eating, gathering, and gift-giving. How much thought goes into your gift wrapping? Do you make your packages look pretty, tidy, and sparkly? Or is the gift wrap insignificant? Are you drawn to the big package with the perfect bow, ribbon, and glitter? Or does the small gift wrapped in newspaper grab your attention? Does your gift match the wrapping? Or doesn’t it really matter? The holiday season often teaches us an unexpected lesson about gifts: the wrapping may not always match the value of what’s inside. The giant box with the beautiful bow may hold the least exciting gift you receive. Or the most thoughtful ....

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  • 10 Years to Celebrate

    10 Years to Celebrate

    A 10 Year Celebration! It is hard to believe that our studio's 10-year birthday is nearly upon us. December 1, 2023, marks 10 years of Get emPowered Fitness Studio serving our community and making an impact in our emPeeps’ lives. Knowing this special date is quickly approaching, has prompted me to reflect on the past 10 years. Where we started, where we are now, and all the things in between. The wonderful celebrations and the unbelievable challenges. And most of all, THE PEOPLE! All the people I have had the privilege of working with, meeting, serving, and with whom I’ve created relationships. Ten years ago, I took a leap of faith to open Get emPowered Fitness Studio. ....

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    Time To Change! It’s October, the fall season of change. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing, and our schedules are changing. Are your goals changing? Are you looking to get back to working out? Creating a healthier body? Needing to integrate some mind-body workouts into your current workout routine? Connecting with a fun group of like-minded people? BUT you are saying to yourself: I haven’t worked out in years. I’m out of shape. I’m too old to start working out. I will be embarrassed. I will be the worst person in the room. These are all statements we hear all the time. You can make as many excuses as you want, BUT it won’t get you any closer ....

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  • NOW is the time!

    NOW is the time!

    NOW is the time! Well, you have decided NOW is the time to get back into an exercise routine. You think you have found a place to work out (Get emPowered Fitness Studio), but you don’t feel completely comfortable with going in yet. Why? Because it is hard to do new things by yourself, especially exercise. Here are a few reasons you should exercise with a friend: It’s more fun! You can build new relationships and friendships because you are more confident You are more likely to stay committed if you and your friend keep each other accountable You are more likely to reach your goals because you stay committed You’ll work harder with someone else around because you ....

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  • Schedule Yourself

    Schedule Yourself

    Schedule Yourself We are approaching the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and an abundance of emotions tend to surface during this time of the year. Our schedules change, creating more or less time to accomplish all we set out to do in a day. Daylight shortens our days, kids go back to school, the weather gets colder, we tend to have more commitments with school activities, parties, holidays and somehow, we pressure ourselves to get it all done. And then, amongst all this, we want to get our work outs in, our quiet time for mental health, and social time with friends and family. Seems impossible. And you know what, it probably is. We aren’t superhuman so why do we create a ....

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  • WHY?


    WHY? It’s the middle of summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the grass is growing, the beach is calling, the kiddos are home, and you are enjoying summer in Michigan. Then you remember you were going to workout every day for 30 minutes and schedule more relaxation time for yourself. How are you doing with that? Are you making these a priority or are you making excuses and justifying why you aren’t doing these things? Your WHY behind your intentions can be extremely helpful in following through with actions. When you are tired, unmotivated, or indifferent, tap into your WHY. Why did you want to accomplish this goal in the first place? If your why ....

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  • Barefoot BABY!

    Barefoot BABY!

    Barefoot Baby The warm weather is upon us which means we strip off the layers including our shoes. It is that time of year when we cover our feet with flip-flops, sandals, or nothing at all. The feeling of grass, dirt and sand under our feet is so calming and rejuvenating. We love the way it feels. But what happens to our feet when we go from our “cast” shoes to barefoot shoes? Our foot muscles have atrophied, our mechanoreceptors have deteriorated, and our awareness of our feet has diminished. So, how do we reconnect with our feet? We remove all the barriers between our feet and the ground. Shoes come off, socks come off and if you use orthotics, they come off too. Allow ....

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  • Celebrating May!

    Celebrating May!

    Celebrating May It’s May! Time for the weather to stay warmer, the flowers to bloom, end of school celebrations to occur, along with Mother’s Day, Tulip Time, Memorial Day and my Birthday! I love my birthday and I like to celebrate the whole month. I truly celebrate my birth with a 90- minute step class, Raeanne-a-Palooza Step Extravaganza!! It started as a one-time only 50-year-old birthday party celebration but has grown into a yearly event that reminds me of what I am capable of doing now as I celebrate my 59 th birthday this month. I love step. It’s my favorite workout in May. I know a lot of people who don’t like their birthdays. They don’t ....

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  • Spring Creates New Life

    Spring Creates New Life

    Spring Creates New Life Spring is on its way. The snow is melting, the grass is exposing itself, the birds are returning and chirping, the animals are shedding their thick fur, the sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and the flowers are budding. Spring is the epitome of new life. This season brings out excitement, new goals and playfulness in all of us. We replace winter coats with spring jackets. We replace the confining, heavy clothing with free moving, light clothing. We replace unmotivated mindsets with energized inspiration. We replace our “stay inside” mentality with “let’s play outside” attitude. We burst out of hibernation and into the ....

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  • Your Choice

    Your Choice

    Your Choice We are confronted with choices all day long. My alarm goes off, do I get up or hit the snooze button? Do I lay there a while longer or pop out of bed? Do I have time to shower or not? What do I want for breakfast or should I not eat breakfast? Do I pack a lunch or buy my lunch today? What should I wear? How should I style my hair? What jewelry do I wear or choose none? Then what coat to wear? So many choices; it can be overwhelming and exhausting. All this even before I walk out the door to choose which way to drive to work. And then what happens when I make the wrong choice? I give up already. What made me think to write about choices this month is that my husband, Gerry, ....

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